How To Wear Your Wild Rag Rustik-D

How To Wear Your Wild Rag

Whether you out on the farm or going downtown you can’t go past a Wild Rag. They provide protection from the elements and can add style to any outfit.

 Below is how to tie the most common wild rag knot, the Buckaroo Knot.

 Wild Rag Buckaroo Knot Rustik-D

 Benefits of wearing a Wild Rag

  • Protection from the sun and dust/particles etc getting into your shirt
  • Provide warmth in winter or cooling in summer by drawing the water away from your skin (add some cold water to really feel the cooling affects)
  • Dress up any outfit.


Rustik-D offers 100% lightweight silk wild rags in a variety of on trend patterns and colours. In a versatile size of 86cm x 86cm, small enough to tie as a normal scarf and still large enough to wrap around into the buckaroo knot.

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